In the last few decades, Americans have experienced a boom when it comes to technological innovations that also operate efficiently. The heat pump is one of our favorite innovations. This climate control is somewhat like a dual-use machine, where it can provide your home with cool air in the summer months, and warmer air when the mercury levels drop. They are also designed to use energy more productively than older systems, so the inside temperature of your home can stay comfortable while keeping your energy costs lower.

The key to the efficient operation of your heat pump is to have it checked by a professional on a yearly basis. At Comfort All-Stars, we have more than 25 years of industry experience that can be put in service of your heat pump. Our team can check and swap out the filters, clean the condenser coils, and verify that all the other components are working together in harmony. Additionally, if your heat pump works erratically or stops working altogether, our heat pump repair services will restore it back to the functionality you expect.

Once we’ve concluded, you can rest easy knowing you have a two-year warranty for each and every service visit. If you have questions, concerns, or you’re ready to schedule an appointment for heat pump repair or maintenance, contact us online or by phone today.